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Custom Folkestone, East Yard, Folkestone Harbour Arm CT20 1QH | hello@customfolkestone.co.uk


this month's wish list

November 2019



Jerusalem artichokes



cabbage/kale/cavalo nero



root veg

If you have a source of any of these, or if you are growing something interesting you'd like to suggest for future menus, please get in touch here:


Ellie has lots of bay and rosemary growing in her garden, too much for her family, so she got in touch and asked if we could use it.

"YES!" we said and she brought it round.  

"But how can we thank you?" 

and so began our first barter. We discussed that Ellie had tended these plants herself, watered them and cared for them.  Ellie also pointed out that if she hadn't brought it all to us, it might have just gone in the bin. We decided in the end that we might try out a new recipe - a rosemary jelly - and as long as it works out, we'll give Ellie a couple of jarfuls to say thank you.


community dinners

In collaboration with Dr Legumes and Docker Bakery we host a monthly community meal on a Sunday.  We encourage you to contribute to the larder for these events with locally sourced, homegrown or foraged fruit, veg and seafood.  For a small cover charge, we'll supplement what you bring and together create a big communal meal on the spot.  

join us in the kitchen

Come and volunteer in the Custom kitchen or garden and get the inside scoop on how we create our extraordinary dishes. All levels of experience and expertise are welcome. Our kitchen is small but accessible, we start all our voluntary shifts with a cuppa and a chat about what you can/would like to do and how we can facilitate the most enjoyable and productive experience.  We'll also talk about what your expectations are in terms of a barter for your contribution. At the end of your shift, you can claim the free food  you have bartered, or save it for another time. Interested? Get in touch:

AN EXAMPLE: Laurie came to one of our (East Cliff Kitchen) pop-up brunches and afterwards he did the washing up. All of it. 25 people worth of washing up!

"What can we do to say thank you?"

we said

"How about I get my brunch for free?"

said Laurie

That seemed pretty fair enough to us - after all, we'd had a chance to sit down with a (Debonair tea infused) Bloody Mary and discuss foraging with some of our other guests whilst he had been doing all that work.

So that's what happened. And it made us think "Of course we should be feeding our volunteers", so if you come and volunteer with us, as well as getting to learn about our process, we'll also make sure you get to taste the results of your work, either during or after your shift.