a restaurant run by artists... an art space run by foodies... a place of community and communality.


The food at Custom represents our location perched between the sea and the garden of England, as well as our commitment to eat our way to a better future for the planet. We source hyperlocal, seasonal and ethically produced ingredients to create our ever evolving menu. Our imaginative yet affordable bistro style menus change weekly, allowing us to showcase the great variety and quality available from the gardens, allotments and small producers of East Kent. 


A glimpse into one of the Folkestone’s allotments or a visit to a local smallholding will show you what a huge resource we have on our doorstep, we’d like to tap into that, but we don’t want something for nothing.  We set up our bartering process and our community ‘Locavore’ garden to enable  dialogue and exchange. 

KITCHEN OPENING HOURS   N.B. Thursday is community day - please look out for special events, as it is bookings only!


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