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Custom* Food Lab (Custom Folkestone C.I.C.) has held a 5 star food rating since we opened our restaurant in Folkestone. Government advice tells us that by simply maintaining these standards, we should be able to prevent the spread of coronavirus through food service.  In any event, the virus is not passed on through food and cooking will kill it. We also continue to use the best local and organic ingredients wherever possible, from suppliers we know and trust, so you can be sure that the food itself will be doing you good!

We are however aware that by its very nature, our work involves people gathering together, touching the same surfaces, taking food off the same plates etc.  So in order to prevent any unnecessary risks, we will be taking the following extra measures:

- We will work with our clients to make sure that guests are not going to be too enclosed or tightly packed together, to enable social distancing 

- We will not work on events with more than 120 guests

- All our staff will change their clothes and wash their hands on arrival at work

- All our staff will wear disposable rubber gloves, which they will change regularly, especially during food service

- We will not invite guests to help themselves to food from shared plates, but will serve the food to them using a serving implement that will be regularly wiped or washed using 60%+ alcohol disinfectant solution

- We will provide hand sanitising gel for guests and staff in discrete locations and signs reminding people to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds

- We will wash all serving plates and implements in a dishwasher or with very hot water and antibacterial washing up liquid prior to use

- We will be closely following the advice from the government and the NHS and adapting accordingly