Mouth Feel and the Toothache disco

A Collective Meal
Cherry Truluck with DJ Feralchild
7pm, Custom Folkestone
£20 (includes a glass of bubbly), Booking Required



Join the Something Held in the Mouth artists for a collective sensorial experience using ingredients inspired from our Mouthings programme. Cherry Truluck will create a special meal focusing on the somatosensory system, responsible for the physical sensation of taste known as 'mouth feel'. A meal to be touched, sensed, examined with the tongue, the teeth, the mouth and the throat, a revealing of how it enters the body and how the body absorbs and ingests it. DJ Feralchild will create a somatosensorial soundtrack to accompany the food and take us through into the evening.

Please note, this meal will have both pescatarian and vegan dishes, some containing wheat/gluten. Please advise on booking if you have any dietary requirements or allergies so we can do our best to accommodate you.

Check back for the menu

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