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Jorge Menna Barreto


Throughout his practice as an artist and researcher, Barreto has let specific sites determine what he will build and, more recently, what he will eat. Interested in agroforestry, land art, site-specificity, plant-based food and multispecies assemblages, he considers our digestive system as a sculptural tool that has the ability to shape and regenerate the environment. His award-winning, long-term project Restauro: environmental sculpture was first presented at the 32nd Bienal of São Paulo in 2016 and travelled to the Serpentine Galleries in London, in 2017. He is artist in residence a the Jan Van Eyck where working collaboratively with Joélson Buggilla at the Food Lab, the Lab for Nature Research and the Printing & Publishing Lab, they are attempting to create an ecosystem that short circuits the surface of the page, the surface of the earth and the food on our plates.

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Amanda Couch


Amanda Couch is an artist, researcher, and senior lecturer in Fine Art at University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. Cutting across media, her art practice and research straddles the domains of performance, the live and recorded image, print and the book, sculpture, food, participation, and writing. Recent solo show: Extispicy in the Everyday(2018), Ivy Arts Centre, University of Surrey, Guildford. Performances include: Books as Bodies, Wellcome Library, London (2019); Our Palace of Intestines, University of Surrey (2018); A Woman Holding a Liver, ‘Acts Re-Acts Performance Lab’, Wimbledon Space (2017) and at Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery (2016), winning Best First-Time Presenter.

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Leone Contini


Leone Contini studied philosophy and cultural anthropology at Università degli Studi di Siena. His artistic research focuses mainly on intercultural frictions, conflict and power relations, displacement, migration, diasporas and borrows the tools of contemporary anthropology in order to short-circuit spheres of shared feelings and significance through the use of lecture performances, collective interventions in public space, textual and audio-visual narratives, blogging and self-publishing.



Marta Fernandez Calvo


In her work Marta speculates on the re-wording of built environments through a variety of

collaborative methods specific to each situation, including those outside of architectural and artistic traditions. This engagement and the processes that stem from it translate into

ephemeral interventions in galleries, public and domestic contexts. These interventions are at once socially engaged and participatory. Born in La Rioja, Marta studied Fine Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Cuenca where she is now completing her PhD. Prior to this she was researcher in philosophy and aesthetics at the Italian Ministry of Culture. Living in Italy and Ireland for eleven years and she has developed her practice at an international level working also in South Africa, Senegal, Morocco, Ireland, Italy and Spain amongst other countries.



Helen Davison


Helen Davison sets up encounters between the body and the voice, extending upon, inhibiting or interrupting their own attempts at vocalisation in order to arrive at an exchange that is palpable in its struggle, resonant in its vulnerability and reflects the chaos of trauma.



Lucky Moyo


Lucky is an arts practitioner and singer song-writer who has worked in well over 35 countries around the world sharing songs and dances from Southern Africa. Lucky has been commissioned to write songs for events for and performed to Nelson Mandela and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Venue highlights have varied from small rural schools to such prestigious venues like the JF Kennedy Centre in Washington DC, Opera de Paris and to even Ronnie Scotts. Artistic collaborations have included working with artists from within Africa, the USA and across Europe and India.


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Clare Qualmann


Clare Qualmann is a London-based artist working across disciplines: from drawing and

sculpture to performance, photography and live-art events (often in the form of walks).

Everyday routine, the ordinary and unnoticed and the meeting of the personal and the

political are sources of inspiration. East End Jam is an ongoing artwork that explores

assumptions about urban space, local knowledge(s) and food for free. Clare is a founder

member of the Walking Artists Network, and continues to facilitate its development. She also lectures at the University of East London and London Metropolitan University.


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Raju Rage


Raju Rage uses Art / Activism / Education / Culinary Arts to forge creative survival. Raju has a food and 'art' practice spanning 8 yrs years using both chef/pastry chef/ baker skills, as well as matrilineal knowledge and talents ~from the corporate to the community to the creative venture in the realms of art, activism and teaching.



Cherry Truluck


Cherry Truluck’s practice has moved through architecture, cyberformance, theatre design, live art and cheffing. Truluck’s recent work is cross-disciplinary and examines the juncture of domestic space and performance through the lens of feminism and food, she leads Custom Folkestone as chef and managing director.



Daniella Valz Gen


Daniella Valz Gen is a Peruvian born artist now based in London whose practice spans installation, text and live performance. This interweaving of processes is important to her practice generating an unfixed and layered experience for artist and audience. She investigates different ways she might embody liminality, an exploration that stems from her experience as a multilingual migrant negotiating territories, modes of address, and value systems. She has created work in collaboration with Camden Arts Centre, The Showroom, Flat Time House, The Nunnery, Spill Festival of Live Art and as an educator she has worked with Migrant Women’s group Sin Fronterras, and has presented work internationally in galleries and festivals including in Copenhagen and Brazil.


Dr Rajindra Puri


Dr Raj Puri trained as an ecological anthropologist and ethnobiologist, and over the past 25 years has been studying the historical ecology of a rainforest valley in Indonesian Borneo. He is now thinking about how anthropologists can contribute to climate-change science and specifically developing mixed methods for studying local responses to environmental change. To this end, he is now studying responses to complex transformations in rural landscapes in Europe (Iberian cork oak landscapes and Kent agriculture).



Madeleine Hodge


Madeleine is an artist and curator who works across art forms, in curatorial, and poetic practice. She has worked for the last three years within environmental organisations to provide curatorial vision for projects that take shape in rural landscapes exploring new imaginaries and cultural dynamics in these spaces.  Recent work has included Timely Readings, A Study on Live Art in Australia, for the Live Art Development Agency which launched in September 2019, Daylighting at Wellcome Collection in 2018, The Ash Archive and Ash Walks in 2018. She is interested in following the threads of under explored knowledges within archives, ecosystems and instituting practices. She has a background as a live artist and vocal performer which informs her current curatorial practice and she holds a Masters by Research, in Curatorial/Knowledge, (Visual Cultures), from Goldsmiths College London.


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