We have decided after long deliberations, not to re-open on the Harbour Arm this year.  We’ll be honest, there are lots of reasons, some of them personal (meaning that Custom's founder Cherry really needed to move closer to family in the West Country), some political, but the main thing is really that our strengths lie in our community works and our arts programming (I mean, how awesome were the Community Feasts and Something Held in the Mouth?), so we want to focus on that, but the Harbour Arm is a commercial zone and simply can’t support that kind of work.  We really love cooking (and thank you for loving the food so much) but not just for commercial benefit.


SO… we have decided to unhitch ourselves from our venue and roam free, get back to nature and pop up here, there and everywhere.  But FEAR NOT! Custom* Food Lab (our new name - do you like it?) will still very much be part of the Folkestone food scene.  There will be COMMUNITY FEASTS, FIELD-TO-TABLE COOKERY WORKSHOPS, POP-UP MEALS IN THE WILDERNESS, FOOD/ART EVENTS, COLLABORATIONS WITH PRODUCERS in vineyards, forests and farms… and more!  Also this year, Cherry is going to be creating a book based on the work created around our amazing arts festival Something Held In the Mouth. The LOCAVORE GARDEN has even been given a new home at Martello Learning Centre and Primary School and our time banking initiative FOLKESHARE will live on independently!


So we hope to see you soon, keep following us online for our latest news. We are confident that this move will just allow us to do everything even better - really developing and focusing on out ethos, whilst taking our work to a wider audience too, so thank you for being part of the journey so far.  We are truly grateful for the support our community has given us on so many levels since we opened in 2018 and we can’t wait to do lots more together!

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