IDEA 1: Drink tea outdoors

Updated: May 4

COVID 19 has brought everything to a near standstill and trust me, I know how painful this is, especially for people who are self-employed or run small businesses. I won't be the only one seeing the irony in this situation - my biggest wish over the last few years as I worked every hour of the day to get Custom up and running, was for everything to slow down, just for a little while, just whilst i caught my breath...

And here we are! But there is an opportunity in this. You must have noticed it too: the roads are quiet, you can hear children playing in distant gardens, the birds even seem to be singing a little louder and everything is very still. We took the dogs out for a walk today and we didn't see another soul, so halfway round, my mother - inspired by some ancient wisdom - whipped out a flask of tea and a tupperware of biscuits. And what a simple joy.

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