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Updated: May 4

My mum and I are lucky to be together on Mothers' Day, so we picked a bagful of wild garlic to celebrate. It's my favourite thing about foraging in spring and it is absolutely at it's best just now before it flowers and gets harsh and onion-y. It's a great thing to forage too because it grows so abundantly that you are unlikely to damage the plant as long as you just pick what you need and make sure you leave some behind for mother nature. It's also really easy to identify because of the wonderful smell.

Wash it, bag it up and it will keep reasonably well in the fridge, but my favourite thing to do is to blitz it with good quality olive or rapeseed oil (you're after the consistency of pesto) and then it keeps for ages and you can freeze it in batches too. We made 5 little pots, 4 went in the freezer and the 5th into our mothers day lunch.

I was going to write this out as a recipe but it is so simple it seems silly, so here in brief is what I cooked:

Salmon with wild garlic crust - I took my wild garlic puree (see above) and smeared it very liberally over a large salmon fillet, then sprinkled with sourdough crumbs that i had already toasted a bit and seasoned. Then I stuck it in the oven for 15 mins at about 180 degrees centigrade. Trout would have worked just as well or even skate or huss - anything than can hold up to the garlickyness!

Lemon and thyme potatoes - sautéed some sliced onions, add sliced potatoes and cook for another 5 mins, season, add a tsp of veg bouillon and enough milk to nearly reach the top of the potatoes. Cover and cook for ten mins (or until potatoes are JUST beginning to soften). Stir in a handful of thyme, a handful of capers and lots of sliced lemon. drizzle olive oil over the top and put in a hot oven for 10 mins till a bit crispy on top.

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